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Car diffusers

Car diffusers


Now some of your favourite aromas are available for your car. There are 2 options available...ones you can hang from your rear view mirror or ones you clip onto your air vents.


    For the hanging option, unscrew the wooden cap, remove the stopper in the bottle, rescrew the wooded cap and turn the bottle upside down for about 10-15 seconds. This willallow the oil to seep into the cotton lace and wooden cap. Loop the lace around the mirror, tighten so as not to obstruct your vision and tie a simple knot to hold in place. Refresh by turning bottle upside down for a few seconds when needed.

    For the car vent, unscrew wooden cap, remove stopper from bottle, replace wooded cap but don't over tighten. Place the two wooded sticks in the holes in the top (these act as reeds). Then clip into the horizontal flap on the air vent.(make sure your vents are not vertical before ordering as they won't work if they are). As the reeds are made of wood, they make take a day or so for the oil to properly penetrate the entire length.


    8 ml

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